Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pray without ceasing

Prayer has always confused me a little bit. Especially cooperate prayer. Did my prayer sound too selfish? Am I being to American/and praying for comfort Instead of praying for lives to come to know Jesus? Should I just always pray that His will be done. Period. That way I don't have to worry about if I prayed for the right thing or not...
Well right now im in a state of constent prayer in my personal life and I can't tell you the Joy and Peace it is giving me. constant conversations with my Father about His goodness. So when I thought about posting something about asking for prayer it surprised me when I hesitsted so. Should I ask for what I want? Should I ask that Gods will be done? Does the first sound too greedy? Does the second sound like a lack of trust that it could happen?
Well after some early morning thoughts, this is what I came up with: God is good. He loves his children. He loves blessing us when our hearts are in line with his Will. His will is for many to come to the saving knowledge of him, and his desire is to have a relationship with me and use us For his will. I do want Gods will to be done. I want His will, and Im pleading with him to help Joel dominate this test.
Weve sought Gods will more than ever the last three years of our lives. And we believe with gusto that God called our little family to VA to learn more about himself, to walk closer with Him and for my husband to capitalize on a skill set Gid equipped him with to make him excell at being an incredible attorney.
And now, after the physical and emotional 3 yr journey of a life time we can say we went to VA, got closer to Jesus and my husband dominated law school..  We've sought him in each decision we've come to and its brought us here. To the MN Bar. And as I sit here 3 hours before Joel answers the first question on this insane test. I want to boldly pray that God completes this journey for us. That he rewards Joel for obeying this calling and that He finishes this training so He can use his degree for His glory.
So please pray with me. From 8:30-4:30 today and tomorrow. Pray that Joel finds Joy in this part of the journey. Pray that he is confident and at peace. And pray that he destroys this test with excellence!

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